No doubt that you've visited the many bars and discos in your resort already and had a good time. Well now it's time to see how the Cretans spend a night out on the town. Join us for an evening in the mountain village of Karouzanos, where the locals will make sure you have a night to remember.
On arriving at the village, have a glass (or two or three) of the local Cretan firewater "raki", a great way to start the evening. Wander around the narrow streets with whitewashed houses, or sit down in one of the tiny "cafenia", sample an ouzo and watch the world pass by.
The evening starts to liven up as the Cretan lifestyle takes over with plenty of eating, drinking and merry-making, as only the Cretans know. In the tavern the wine flows freely with a tasty Cretan meal. Local dancers in traditional costumes entertain you in a spectacular display of regional and national music, drama and acrobatics. A chance to watch "Zorba the Greek" dancing on top of a wineglass, on top of a bottle, on top of a….. Well, you'll have to see it for yourselves.
As you get in the mood why not let your hair down, join in and learn a few of the Greek steps. By the end of the evening you'll think you are as good as "Zorba".

If you want to eat, drink and dance as a local, this is a fabulous evening you shouldn't miss.