In 1958 the Kourkounis Family founded MINOS TRAVEL as coach Rental Company. It was the only company at that time with its own coaches. The company continues operations today with its main clients being Creta travel Bureau (main client – TUI). Last year it moved into a company owned site.

In 1974, as tourism in Crete began to flourish, we added ALFA to our operations.

In 1976, we established KOURKOUNIS TOURS, as another branch of our operations to organize and operate group tours. The first air-conditioned coaches were added to the main fleet in 1977.

As of 1989, KOURKOUNIS TOURS has had its own contracts with tour operators and travel agents bringing holidaymakers to Greece. In 1996, it incorporated as S.A (Societe Anonyme) while the Third generation of family members became active in company operations. In response to our commitment in providing a high standard of services to our clients, a number of tour operators have sought our co-operation on their own initiative.

Our present clients include:

# Company Name
Logo Nowa Itaka - Poland
Logo Christian Tour - Romania
Logo Kusadasi Travel - Romania
Logo Romadria - Romania
Logo Zanko Travel - Athens
Logo Grecia Cultura and Vacaciones - Spain
Logo Travel Jet - Athens
Logo Mundovip Travel - Portugal
Logo Entremares - Portugal
Logo G&T Travel - Athens
Logo Matt Holidays - Mykonos
Logo Alexandria Travel - Czech Republic
Logo Quality Tours - Czech Republic

And we are in process of negotiating new contracts, with interested clients, for the forthcoming season. As a result, the incoming component of the tourism operation is becoming the fastest growing part of our business. Last year our company welcomed on Crete 25.000 clients from all the above Tour Operators and Countries which is a very satisfied number enough to include us between the biggest Tour Operator Agents on Crete.

We thank you in advance for the excellent collaboration and we hope we will have the privilege of cooperating with you.